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 投稿者:HYDEメール  投稿日:2011年10月16日(日)12時01分51秒
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  Hi there David.

Is it thickness before being crashed including the convex to want to know you?
Regretfully I do not know me either. I cannot measure it precisely when I do not buy a new part.
This is because it does not buy it as far as it does not open an engine.
The thickness does not appear in a service manual either.
(As a matter of course, because it is a premise to use the new parts)

I thought that I was out of stock for my memory at one time, Because I have a worn gasket.
There is the stock now if I examine it. But, it is very higher.
metal gasket(part-NO.):\3390(33M-11181-00)
Because part charges for Safekeeping are added, it is very high.

Specifically, the part search is possible from the HP of Yamaha.


historic bike/同意する=consensus(right bottom)/検索=Search

You can examine of parts list.

But we have not service manual of PDF.
Because it is a maintenance book of the motorcycle more than 25 years ago.
We have only a Japanese service manual.

I think that there is an English service manual in the field if exported.

Good luck.

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